Our Principles

We know the industry, we speak your language


For us, ethics are not just standard - they are an absolute given. Discretion is our creed. Complete discretion is one of the most important virtues in the executive search business. We do not pass on any information about a candidate to clients or third parties without the explicit permission of the candidate. Furthermore, our clients can be assured that we will never introduce a candidate to them who has not first been through a face-to-face interview with us.


Our business is based on mutual trust. There is hardly any other field where this is as important as it is in executive search. We work very hard to establish longterm relationships with our clients but we never allow ourselves to become complacent. Our highest goal, therefore, is to be a trustworthy partner to our clients.


Whatever we do, we do with passion and precision and we always adhere to the highest quality standards. Quality and success go hand in hand. For this reason, we have developed a structured and highly developed search process that ensures transparency for all parties. We always look for the most suitable candidates for our clients. Only satisfied clients will become long-term partners. So we always strive to exceed expectations and to continue searching until we have found exactly the right solution for our client.


We bring passion and commitment to our role, always providing more than is expected of us. We keep on searching until we find a solution for our clients. We never give up.

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